Exercising by practicing wilderness survival skills

Take your exercise seriously by putting it to practical use. If you’re going to exercise, you might as well have an outlet for it, perfect for the outdoors. Get in shape and test yourself by being in a wilderness survival situation. See how good your exercise really is and if it’s not, it may be time to change it up.
Here’s a guy who has done just that — taking exercise to the streets or, in this case, to the wilderness.

Does your fitness program include navigation, food preparation instruction, hostage simulation, and wilderness survival skills? Should it?

Craig Balcom designed the Budo Experience to deliver a broad and inclusive definition of fitness to a high-end clientele. These immersive health and wellness retreats at high-end destinations around the world are staffed by a carefully selected group of specialists, each focusing only on their area of expertise.

Our future will be bright if we acquire the skills and experience to manage it. If we prepare ourselves today, through foundations of knowledge, experience, and healthy lifestyle choices, then we will have ALL we need to THRIVE.

At a BUDO event guests become stronger, healthier, lose weight, gain clarity, and acquire life skills in the most beautiful, awe-inspiring destinations and resorts in the world. Eating clean, organic, food, and getting strong experiencing the great outdoors in the most beautiful landscapes on earth.

The Budo team travels the world developing and implementing retreats and workshops designed specifically for the unique facility, locale, and demographic of its clientele. The Budo community is composed of carefully selected individuals with strong backgrounds and decades of experience in health, fitness, personal defense, preparedness, woodcraft, and emergency services.

The Budo Health and Wellness Retreat is an immersive 6 day/5 night educational/skills oriented program that runs from Sunday thru Friday. Guests will participate in physical activities that will increase their fitness level and facilitate weight loss as well as teach key life skills.

Because most of our 200,000 year human history was spent walking/hiking through various natural environments, the Budo 6 Day Retreat is focused primarily on basic body movements. Activities include wilderness hikes, fitness classes, and instruction in nutrition, food prep, exercise science, defensive techniques and emergency procedures.

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